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I am Bob Waldschmidt, owner of Corvette Corner and I welcome you, to our newly redesigned Corvette Body Parts Catalog.

Our returning customers will be glad to see that our catalogue includes more parts and accessories than ever before.

For new visitors, we hope that you will like the extensive offerings in our comprehensive parts catalogue.

This Web site has been designed to be the most comprehensive resource ever offered to the Corvette owner.

What hasn't changed much is our pricing; it is still the most competitive on the market.

Our 40 years of experience, working with composite material and high performance vehicles, has given us a tremendous advantage over our competitors.

This experience with composite material has led our company into the business of building molds and therefore our own replacement fiberglass parts. We offer our fiberglass parts to other shops and to the public through our catalog.

I offer you the best parts and have a philosophy of making no excuses for inferior quality as is often the case these days.